Schukar, Alyssa. “Sunrise reveals the Sacred Stone Camp.” The New York Times. 12 September 2016. Sunrise reveals the Sacred Stone Camp.


  1. How does social media function as a meaningful platform for the most marginalized voices in activism?
  2. How does social media activism address oppression in the forms of erasure of evidence and violence?
  3. What does it mean that solidarity was present for the resistance at Standing Rock but not visibly so for Flint?
  4. What does it mean that there’s a two-spirit camp at Standing Rock? How do Standing Rock’s and Flint’s resistance movements center the most marginalized? 
  5. How does grassroots activism challenge capitalism?
  6. What is your role within resistance that centers the most marginalized voices?

Week 10 – Social Media and Activism

Week 11 – Solidarity

Week 12 – Resistance


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